Many members of the Fredericksburg Jazz Collective are active musicians. Please support jazz in Fredericksburg by following them on social media, attending shows, buying merchandise, and hiring them.

Becky Y Slam

Becky Y Slam is a locally popular husband and wife musical duo in the Fredericksburg area. Becky Stewart on flute, vocals, and keys and Slam Stewart on percussion will entertain you with their eclectic mix of originals, jazz, funk, and world music with Afrocuban flavor or “sabor afrocubano”. Their fusion of unique musical flavors from the Caribbean, African beat, spicy Cuban, and other tropical sounds are sure to entertain you. The couple would love to bring the fun of music, love, and light to your house or yard party or concert event. Depending on your budget, they also have a strong ensemble of “musical sisters” to bring along featuring Daphne Cashion (on sax) and Tanyah Cotton (on keys/percussion/vocals). The couple owns and operates SlamOne LLC that offers private lessons, African drumming workshops for school and community groups under contract at Stratford Hall, music composition, and help to other aspiring musicians to create and record their music.
Contact:, 540-287-3722

Pat Bergin (Drums/Vocals)

Member of the Harry Wilson jazz group. I’m primarily a jazz musician, but I perform all kinds of popular music including blues, rock, country and I’ve even played in a polka band. I’ve been playing professionally since the age of 13, and began my career as a studio musician at age 16 in Detroit. I’ve played on major tours, recorded in practically every genre of music, and have been producing records since 1968.
Contact:, 540-898-1188

Malanna Carey (Vocals/Author)

Malanna Carey Henderson is a Detroit native who has called Fredericksburg her home for sixteen years. Virginia’s rich history is the setting of her first novel, On the Wings of Freedom. 

Her parents were avid Jazz fans exposing Malanna to the vocals of. Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn amongst others. At five, she had memorized Ella’s scat lines from many of her signature songs. 

Fond childhood memories include her parents hosting dinner parties for Duke Ellington’s band at their home in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Carey, her father, played three instruments and conducted his own jazz band, the featured entertainment at the annual hospital fundraiser. 

Malanna earned her MFA in Creative Writing from CUNY. An award-winning playwright, she’s wrote and directed six plays in Fredericksburg for Black History and Women’s History Months. 

She’d love to sing around town accompanied by some of the wonderfully skilled musician in the Fredericksburg Jazz Collective
Contact:, 540-424-5050

Kyle Smith (Drums)

Kyle is an in-demand session drummer and live performer. He is experienced in a wide range of musical settings and genres. He has performed with the Fredericksburg Jazz Collective for 13 years and is an active member of the organization. He has performed with notable groups including the National Jazz Workshop, Fredericksburg Big Band, and Harry Wilson Quartet, and is founder and producer of Sound Fusion, a jazz-funk band in the area. He has performed at a variety of venues in the D.C area including the Kennedy Center. He has extensive show experience and played for musical theater shows at the Riverside Center for the Performing Arts. Kyle currently attends Old Dominion University for sound recording technology, while staying active as a working drummer for recording sessions, shows, and more.