The Fredericksburg Jazz Collective is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, founded in 2011 to advance live jazz music in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

  • We serve to advance public awareness of jazz music, its history, pioneers, styles and techniques, and its influence on modern culture and artistic expression,
  • We support a revival of live music, and in particular jazz music, in Fredericksburg and its surrounding areas, for the benefit of our community‚Äôs cultural health,
  • We serve our membership by providing and promoting a range of resources for networking among jazz musicians, patrons and aficionados, and venues at which jazz may be heard. 

To become a member of The Fredericksburg Jazz Collective, please use the PayPal donate button or send a check to the mailing address below. Annual dues are $35, which are due for renewal every July.

FJC also accepts non-member donations in any amount.